2019 Top 10 Free Catholic Apps for Your Faith

If you are like many people, you are of the Catholic faith and take your religion very seriously. There are millions of people in the United States alone who practice Catholicism. While you can attend church every Sunday, you may feel as though you want more. Fortunately, there are plenty of excellent Catholic apps you can download to your smartphone or tablet that can help you to keep up with your faith. Whether you are looking for a mobile bible or a great Catholic daily readings app, there is plenty from which to choose. These are the 2019 top 10 free Catholic apps you may want to consider getting. Why are they the best? Each app receives regular updates by its developer and is rated highly by everyday users.

Best Catholic Apps on the App Store and Google Play

Top 10 Free Catholic Apps

1. CKiss

CKiss is a great Catholic dating app that singles will want to check out. It is actually ranked as the number one Catholic dating app and allows you to find that special someone who shares not only your faith but your love of it as well. The developers behind this app know that dating as a devout Catholic isn’t always easy and decided to create it to make finding true love that much easier. Every single profile on the app is regularly reviewed, which helps to eliminate any catfish or other scammers. It’s easy to use the app and you can set up your profile in as little as two minutes. If you are looking for love with a fellow Catholic who is as serious as their religion as you are, be sure to give CKiss a try.

2. Laudate

No doubt, the best Catholic daily readings app is Laudate. It is considered the number one Catholic app for both the Apple App Store and Google Play for good reason. It is the most comprehensive app for people of the Catholic faith and is available in a variety of languages in addition to English. Some of the notable features include being able to read passages from the New American Bible, getting access to the rosary, enjoying daily mass readings and listening to podcasts for your faith. There is even music included within the rosary for your listening pleasure.

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3. Pray (The Catholic Novena App)

Pray is perhaps the best Catholic bible app for iPhone. Even better, it is not only available for iOS but for Android phones and tablets as well. It is a Catholic app that is a must-have for anyone who is highly devoted to their Catholic faith and who finds comfort in praying whenever you need to. It is a complete prayer app that includes a number of novenas, including the Catholic Rosary, St. Benedict, St. Joseph, St. Francis of Assisi and many more. The app is free, but if you choose to become a Pray Patron with a subscription, your iTunes or Google account will instantly be charged.

iOS App, Android app

4. Relevant Radio

Another Catholic app you must have in your collection is Relevant Radio. It features the show “Talk Radio for Catholic Life,” which helps to create a community of hope. Whether you need a pick-me-up for your marriage or just to feel closer to the lord and the church, this is one of the most essential Catholic apps you can have on your device. With this app, you have access to live streams and podcasts right at your fingertips. You can even submit your own prayer request.

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5. Bible

Of course, among the most essential Catholic apps, you must have Bible. You can customize your reading experience and access any passage or scripture of your choice. The app is available in over 30 languages and you can choose your bible version as well. There is even a feature that allows you to read from the Bible app when your device is offline. If you prefer, you can choose the audio bible feature instead of reading, such as when you’re commuting and your hands are full. Add your own personal notes to passages, share verses with your friends or to social media and highlight notable passages.

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6. Daily Readings for Catholics

Daily Readings for Catholics is a clean and simple daily readings app that lets you follow the daily mass while at church or even on your own from anywhere. Read the texts of your choice each day so that you can reaffirm your faith. Included in Daily Readings for Catholics are the Roman Missal, which was published by Pope St. Pius V in 1570, the Gospel Book, the Sacramentary and the Epistles of St. Paul, just to name a few. It is the perfect app for any Catholic to use to start their day.

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EWTN is a great bible radio app that allows you to listen to Catholic programs both live and on demand. Owned by the Truth and Life Audio Bible, EWTN allows you to enjoy radio dramas that are voiced by some of your favorite actors, such as Blair Underwood, Sean Astin, Kristen Bell and Julia Ormond. There are a number of New Testament pieces included where you can listen at your leisure and pick right up where you left off the next time you listen.

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8. Catholic Mass Times

Catholic Mass Times is one of the most downloaded apps throughout the world. It allows you to conveniently and quickly locate Catholic churches nearest to your current area and read information on them, including their address and phone number, learn about Mass schedules and more. Users can also send information about churches to the app and make corrections to information.

iOS App, Android app

9. iBreviary TS Plus

Another excellent Catholic app is iBreviary TS Plus. It brings you traditional prayers of the Liturgy of the Hours as well as texts of the Eucharist Liturgy right at your fingertips on your mobile device. It is available in several languages, including English, Italian, French and even Arabic. The app is broken down into three distinct parts. Those include the Liturgy of the Hours, the Daily Missal for the celebration of the Mass and Catholic prayers and rituals.

iOS App, Android app

10. CALive (Catholic Answers)

CALive, also known as Catholic Answers Live, is a great app that connects the listener to leaders of the church. It is a daily two-hour radio show that airs five days per week from Monday to Friday. Hosted by Cy Kellett, Catholic Answers Live is ranked as the favorite Catholic station in the United States. Listen to a discussion about a variety of topics, from evangelization to social issues to doctrinal controversies.

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These are 2019’s top Catholic apps for your faith. If you are looking to get a little guidance, read the bible on the go, need directions to the nearest church or want to find love with another practicing Catholic, these are the apps for you.

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